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An extension of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, PaleoBank is a comprehensive relational database designed to capture information about fossil genera and species. PaleoBank's screens provide a data-input framework for the recording or revision of details on taxonomy, bibliography, morphology, and distribution. Screens for distribution include biostratigraphy, paleobiogeography, paleoecology, and plate tectonics. Not only will PaleoBank facilitate revision of the Treatise and enhance the study of pattern paleontology, it will also provide a foundation for the next generation's study of invertebrate paleontology.


All phyla of invertebrate organisms with a fossil record; all protoctista with a fossil record.

Intended audience:

Treatise authors and other paleontologists.


PaleoBank is being programmed in Visual FoxPro 6.0 and will be hosted on an IBM-format PC.

Data model:

See home page.

Terminology conventions for data entry:
Output query system:
Extent of user support available:

Not yet known.

Date of establishment:

PaleoBank software is currently in development, so no database exists at present.


PaleoBank will reside at the Paleontological Institute, the University of Kansas.

Institutional and/or financial support:

The Paleontological Institute has received NSF funds for PaleoBank's development. PaleoBank is currently supported by the Paleontological Institute. We hope to receive further NSF funding.

Long-term maintenance plans:

PaleoBank is an integral programmatic part of the paleontological institute and will be maintained in perpetuity.

Contact person:

Jill Krebs at