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PALEO NEWS:       An article published in the current issue of Science illustrates the role Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology data played is providing support for Cope's Rule. The authors used all 50+ volumes of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology (which is published by the Biodiversity Institute’s Paleontological Institute) as the primary dataset for the massive study which looked at 17,208 genera of marine animals spanning the past 542 million years. The BBC web site features the picture below of Treatise volumes used as the main dataset.

AND THAT'S NOT ALL:       The Paleontological Institute is pleased to announce the second edition of one of the most popular books in its Special Publications series: Rocks and Fossils of the Central United States, with Special Emphasis on the Greater Kansas City Area, 2nd edition, Richard J. Gentile. 2015

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE:       The Paleontological Institute also is pleased to announce the availability of two new articles in Treatise Online.

Patrick N. Wyse Jackson and Caroline J. Buttler. 2015. Part G, Revised, Volume 2, Chapter 3: Preparation, Imaging, and Conservation of Paleozoic Bryozoans for Study. Treatise Online 63:1-15, 1 fig. $10.95.

Frank K. McKinney and Patrick N. Wyse Jackson. 2015. Part G, Revised, Volume 2, Chapter 8H: Names of Indeterminate, Unrecognizable, or Excluded Genera Previously Assigned to Fenestrata . Treatise Online 63:1-5, $4.95.

Access to Treatise Online is free to members of the Palaeontological Association and Paleontological Society, as well as members of subscribing libraries. All articles can also be purchased individually.      

   Last Updated 2/23/2015